I was at my doctors appointment the other day because of a flu. 3 minutes into the visitation and Dr. Ferraro looked me straight into my eyes and asked, how often do you wash your hands? I was astonished at first, because that’s not the first discussion or question I expected. However, after the initial flow of emotion, I started to feel curious;
Does washing my hands play any role in my flu?
Why is it even the first question on Dr.Ferraro’s list?

What role does the hands play in hygiene

Hands are the most used part of our body and they get in contact with a lot of things, making them viable to spreading germs and diseases. 100% of the germs are spread and receive from other humans are through handshakes. When people sneeze, it is a reflex reaction to use the hands to close the mouth, or to hold the rail in a bus when standing. These two case scenarios are conveyors of germs, these germs are microscopic, that means they cannot be seen with the naked eyes, so you wouldn’t know you have them within you .

Importance of washing the hands

Washing hands before working with food of any kind is very important. Human hands carry bacteria and other microorganisms (germ) that are picked up when using the toilet, from pets, and from countless surfaces such as door knobs, chairs and personal objects. These germs all can be transferred to food, causing contamination and spread of infectious disease. Hand washing is a basic safety precaution.wash your hand, you reduce the chances of;

1, Getting sick

2. Making other people sick

These sicknesses range from diarrhea, skin infection, nose infection, eye infection e.t.c

How often should the hands be washed

It is important to wash the hands;

1. Before and after the usage of the toilet.

2. Before and after eating

3. When” get home at the end of the day

4. “After” handshake

5. When” feel the need

How should the hands be washed

Make available clean water (warm or cold) either in a bowl or through a faucet . Wet your hands and apply soap to it. Rub your hands together thoroughly for about 15 – 25 seconds without neglecting the back of the hands, between your fingers, under your nails and your palms. Rinse and dry with a clean towel.

Using soap when washing your hands is adequate in removing very tough germs. However, in the absence of soap using only clean water and a clean towel will be better than going without washing your hands.


Millions of germs emanate from our hands. So for a safer and healthier environment for us, we should make it mandatory in our homes and offices to regularly wash our hands.

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