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Why is steam cleaning so effective in our industries?

Professional steam hygiene systems ensure that even the highest standards of cleanliness and bactericidal control can be exceeded. Utilizing steam at temperatures above 140°C safely removes microbes and organisms living beneath their own protective bio film, which normally can resist the most powerful of chemical agents for prolonged periods. Independent laboratory and hospital tests have verified the bactericidal efficacy of steam.

The Importance Of Steam cleaning

  • Steam cleaning is so effective in our indusries because it has proven to be a better technology.  Virtually everyone  wants a nontoxic, environmentally friendly way to both clean and disinfect at the same time.
  • Steam cleaning has great “green biodegradable” credentials as it only uses clean cold tap water to achieve these high standards of cleanliness and the highest degree of bactericidal efficacy.
  • Using industrial steam cleaners for your business will provide you with an effective, eco-friendly and economical way to clean various surfaces in your business. From counters and walls to floors and ceilings, this equipment can make a short job of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces that you use on a daily basis.
  • In the various food and beverage processing facilities, the use of industrial steam cleaners can be extremely beneficial. It can be used to remove all types of  including oil and other residues from ceilings, vents, burners, hoods and stoves. The vapor steam method of cleaning is also so effective at sanitizing and cleaning conveyor belts that you will likely not need to implement the use of harsh chemical cleaners again.
  • One of the biggest challenges that are facing a number of companies, across all industries, is the labor intensive process of cleaning equipment that is sensitive to water or controlled by a computer. When you apply steam cleaning, you will not have to use any type of chemicals. Also, since the cleaning method has a very low percentage of moisture, it will leave all equipment dry and able to be used right away.
  • The steam cleaning is able to be safely used around all types of electrical equipment, in addition to various control panels. Additionally, the amount of time that is necessary to complete the cleaning is drastically reduced because of the fast and effective work of the steamer. This means that you can minimize downtime when cleaning equipment and machines.
  • Heat alone ensures that the bonding between micro-organisms and the surface structure is broken down whilst the low pressure allows the steam to deeply penetrate into areas such as cracks, crevices and grouting which are normally inaccessible by any other cleaning process. The heat from the vapour saponifies the dirt, grease and grime whilst the pressure at which the steam is being released onto the surfaces ensures it quickly penetrates into the surface without causing surface damage or destruction as can happen with hazardous or aggressive cleaning chemicals.
  •  The benefits of steam cleaning can therefore easily be qualified and quantified.  The most obvious benefit is the potentially huge water usage reduction as well as a reduction in chemical usage. The risk of surface damage and surface degradation is greatly reduced and there is also the reduction in time and labour costs.  Enhanced visual cleanliness is greatly increased as is bactericidal efficacy and dry steam offers a greater compliance with any applicable food and hygiene directives.
  • steam cleaning has also been long used to combat the plight of discarded chewing gum deposits on our streets and public places. In the chewing gum removal process, the steam is mixed with a chemical. Steam softens the gum while the chemical, in conjunction with light agitation with a brush, dissolves the chewing gum into a powder whereby it is simply brushed away. This technology is widely used throughout the world and has now seen the first development of non-electrical solutions in the form of gas powered machines or more recently, battery operated chewing gum removal steam machines.
  • The benefits of steam have long been experienced within the health sector, specifically hospitals, nursing homes and care centers which are constantly confronted with the task to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness in their respective environments. Hygiene products, specifically disinfectants, have over the past decade provided effective protection with appropriate cleaning power.Check Price by clicking the images below